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Hey! Everyday Dance to the Music of ‘The Painting of the Day’! (Saturday Morning) April 30, 2011

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Hello. What do you get when a priest, a gambler, a demon, a demented cowboy and the Confidence Man put their heads together? Dastardly deeds, of course. And also a table full of tusks. Elephant tusks.


The light above the table is particularly effective, I think. Enjoy!


Howdy! Here Comes the Painting of the Day! (4/29/11) April 29, 2011

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This is one of my favorite Confidence Man paintings. The bar scene turned out nicely, I think. The Confidence Man’s father is wrestling with the angel, while the Confidence Man himself is dancing with the girl off to the left. This story arc is the longest in the entire series. This is part 9.Far off to the right in the back is a St. Francis-type-figure. In fact, there are three priests sidled up to the bar. I forgot about that. Kind of funny…


Rise and Shine Campers, It’s the Painting of the Day (4/28/11) April 28, 2011

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Hello everybody! This is the third part in the story arc entitled “The Confidence Man Throws Down the Gauntlet”. This time we have some glowing figures backed against a wall. Obviously inspired by Goya’s “Third of May”, I wanted this painting to have the feel of an execution that was almost random. Casual. As if it’s all in a day’s work.

Yes, I realize it’s somewhat bleak, but this is a story. All stories (and all lives, for that matter) contain some level of violence. Unfortunately, that is the way of the world. I don’t want to glorify it. It just is, that’s all.


Good Morning! Painting of the Day (4/27/11) April 27, 2011

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Hi folks. Another “Confidence Man” painting. First off, the girl is not being hung. She is spinning, like in the circus. The man standing beneath her is the Confidence Man. The figure half hidden in shadow is his father. This is the first piece in the ‘The Confidence Man and the Artificial Heart’ story arc. It hints at a bit of a love triangle. Yes, there is a typo beneath the painting. “Ther” should be “The”. The type is on the image itself and I don’t have the program with me to fix it. I apologize.


Painting of the Day (Tuesday 4/26/2011) April 26, 2011

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Good Morning! Yesterday I showed you the first part of “The Confidence Man Throws Down the Gauntlet”. Here’s part two. An execution is about to take place. The man on his knees with the gun in his face is glowing faintly, so is the Confidence Man. I wanted to suggest a shared source of power, as if the two men were drawing from the same well. The four paintings in this story arc show a series of midnight raids. The Confidence Man is hunting, but not just the man on his knees. There are others.

You’ll see.

The question is: why is the Confidence Man doing this? Well…stay tuned.


Painting of the Day (Monday 4/25/2011) April 25, 2011

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Good morning! This is a relatively early Confidence Man painting. It is the first of a four part story arc. For me, this was where the series really took off. Mainly because I was doing multiple paintings with the same limited palette, which freed me up to really concentrate on the story. You’ll see the other paintings in time. These particular pieces have a strong mystical/black magic bent. It was the first time in the series that I introduced that sort of thing. It wouldn’t be the last. Yes, the Confidence Man is glowing. Why? Well…some other time. Have a great day!


Painting of the Day (Saturday Morning) April 23, 2011

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Seemingly nothing is happening in this “Confidence Man” painting; it’s all about mood. Strangers knocking on your door in the middle of the night, silhouettes, backlighting, everyone in shadow, the scene is pregnant with possibilities. The guy on the left with the briefcase is a character called the Navigator. I based his whole character on the old posters for “The Exorcist”. Max Von Sydow standing underneath that streetlight. Spooky. Also, this painting is the only one that I directly reference Melville’s “The Confidence Man” novel (my story and his have nothing in common). The sign above the door says ‘The Black Rapid Coal Company’. In Melville’s novel, the title character (in disguise) is selling stocks for this company.