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Wake Up and Smell the ‘Painting of the Day’! (Tuesday edition) May 31, 2011

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Hope everybody had a great holiday! I have a photo for you today. It’s an abstract one. All done in camera outside my old studio as the sun was setting. Have a great day!

Streetlights (taxi)


Happy Monday! It’s the ‘Painting of the Day’ (Memorial Day edition) May 30, 2011

Hey everybody! I have another Confidence Man painting for you today. When I did this, I was really thinking about Sergio Leone and those great old spaghetti westerns. I wanted something only two color (like a poster). The Navigator is looking at his watch in the lower left hand corner (High Noon). It’s got a sort of Classic Western vibe to it, but something is a little off. Enjoy! Have a great Memorial Day!


It’s Friday, Friday! We So Excited for the…’Painting of the Day’ (Friday edition) May 27, 2011

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Once that annoying song gets in your head…look out. Anyway, I have a photo for you. It’s of our gun-totin’ ex-ranch hand Ed. I like to think of Ed as a 21st Century Festus. Need I say more?

Have a great holiday everybody!

Ed, with Occasional Fiter


Naked Ladies! Just Kidding…it’s the ‘Painting (photo) of the Day’! (Thursday edition) May 26, 2011

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Howdy folks. I have a photo for you today. This was taken at night here in New Mexico. It’s from a small series that I like quite a bit. Prints are available as well as autographed copies of my Memoir (“Too Country for Rock and Roll, Too Rock and Roll for Country: A Life on the Edge”) for a reasonable price. I’m also selling Frito pies online (can’t guarantee the quality, though). Have a good one! (I’m serious about the prints.)

Night of the Hunter pt. 1


Hey Hey, My My, the ‘Painting of the Day’ will Never Die! (Wednesday edition) May 25, 2011

Rise and shine campers! On a personal note, my brother-in-law Josh Gore graduates with an Associates degree today from the Santa Fe Community College. My wife and I are so proud of him. He has come so far in such a short amount of time congrats bro! Anyhooo…here’s another grim Confidence Man painting. This one is from early on. The back story of the Confidence Man was becoming increasingly important. I was thinking about that relationship with his father quite a bit. The man standing with arms behind his back sporting the white beard is dear old dad. This is taking place during the CM’s childhood. It is a bastardization of the story of Isaac wherein the father asks his son to make a sacrifice. In this case it is the white horse that the Confidence Man loved so much (of course he is not the Confidence Man when he is a child, that moniker would emerge years later) that is on the chopping block.

Shoot the horse, he is told.


Because I asked you to.

But father…

Don’t you love me?

Of course.

Then you will do as I say.

That’s pretty much how I imagine this to have gone down in words. The white horse shows up throughout the series. He is both real and a ghost, a reminder of his fanatical love for a man who was undeserving of such devotion. But, we all want to please our father’s right? We can’t help it.

Have a great day everybody!


Wake and Bake Everbody! Then Take a Gander at…The Painting of the Day! (Tuesday edition) May 24, 2011

Hola! I’ve always had a soft spot for this piece. I like that the Confidence Man is squatting just like Robert Duvall in ‘Apocalypse Now’ (“That gasoline smell. Smells like…victory”). The Navigator stands beside him. Together they are propositioning a pilot. On the back of the pilot’s jacket is a pin up (“nose art”) that I will repeat several times throughout the series. She becomes a sort of talisman. She is both real and merely image. Once again, the Confidence Man has assumed the role of thug. The tough guy. Have a good one everybody!


The End is Nigh! No wait…it’s just Monday. Oh well, here’s the Painting of the Day (Monday edition) May 23, 2011

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Happy Monday! This is actually the second Confidence Man painting. A man and his horse stand amidst turbulent seas and sickly, green lightning offering assistance to someone in need. Help has arrived (in the form of the Confidence Man), but at what cost? You can see that the guy in the little boat isn’t exactly scrambling to go with the man sitting on the horse. Do the men know each other? Of course. How? Well, I’ll never tell…have a great day everybody!

The Confidence Man Makes An Offer

 30″ x 84″

latex enamel on wood