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Buenas Tacos! It’s the world famous Painting of the Day! (Tuesday edition) May 3, 2011

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Rise and shine campers! Here’s another piece of art that doesn’t fit into any category or series. It’s a fairly large painting (6 x 4 feet). My hippie friends Dave and Mike in Santa Fe always enjoyed this. In fact, Dave had it hanging in his studio/home/office/den/Buddhist temple/pot-smoking-sanctuary for months. I guess it put off some groovy vibes, man. Far out. You know, the ‘is’ of ‘is-ness’ and all that. I thought the painting pretty funny, so I did two more. Later on I’ll post ’em. Have a groovy, happenin’ day everybody! As always: click to enlarge.

Partly Cloudy_72 4' x 6' latex enamel on wood