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It Wasn’t the Bullet that Laid Him to Rest it was…’The Painting of the Day’ (Tuesday edition) June 21, 2011

Hello. You may remember the first painting in this series (‘Partly Cloudy 72’). Well, here’s part two. Just for the hell of it. If you don’t know, the title of the piece (and what’s playing on the radio of the car as the sun goes down) is a song by Traffic. Here it is in all it’s 11 and a half minute glory The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys(give it a minute once you press play because the song fades in quietly). Listen and repeat. Have a great day everybody!

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

42″ x 72″

latex enamel on wood


Buenas Tacos! It’s the world famous Painting of the Day! (Tuesday edition) May 3, 2011

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Rise and shine campers! Here’s another piece of art that doesn’t fit into any category or series. It’s a fairly large painting (6 x 4 feet). My hippie friends Dave and Mike in Santa Fe always enjoyed this. In fact, Dave had it hanging in his studio/home/office/den/Buddhist temple/pot-smoking-sanctuary for months. I guess it put off some groovy vibes, man. Far out. You know, the ‘is’ of ‘is-ness’ and all that. I thought the painting pretty funny, so I did two more. Later on I’ll post ’em. Have a groovy, happenin’ day everybody! As always: click to enlarge.

Partly Cloudy_72 4' x 6' latex enamel on wood