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Here’s Some Art! Go Look At It! Now! ‘Painting of the Day’ (Monday edition) July 11, 2011

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Hey folks! I have a drawing for you today. This is another from ‘The Periphery’ series. To me it looks a little like one of those floating mines left over from WWII. That wasn’t what I had in mind when I drew it. I was thinking of something a little more cellular. Cancer, maybe. Something foul. Diseased. I guess a mine works…have a great one everybody!


I’d Like Some Scrapple and a Large ‘Painting of the Day’ (Thursday edition) June 16, 2011

Howdy! I have a drawing for you today. It’s from the Periphery series. At the time, I did it I was reading a book called ‘Blind Lake’ by Robert Charles Wilson (great, paranoid SF). In the book, there is a bit of a problem with machines (to put it simply) and one of the characters asks ‘Do you think it dreams?’ That, of course, got me thinking and I decided to draw my own abstract machine (it’s got an eye) and answer the question posed by the character in that novel: yes Charlie…it dreams. Have a great one everybody!


Hey Look At Me! I’m Holding the ‘Painting of the Day’! (Tuesday edition) June 14, 2011

Good Morning folks! I have another painting from the ‘Fallow Ground’ series for you today. It’s a big one, and it’s about my grandfather who was an airplane mechanic during World War II. The pin-up in the middle panel is the precursor to the girl who would haunt the ‘Confidence Man’ series. Those planes on the right are an aerial view of the airplane graveyard. The house…well, the house is just on fire. Have a great one!

Lee Roy (A Gathering of Shades)

42″ x 108″


Thirty Days in the Hole with…the ‘Painting of the Day’ (Monday edition) June 6, 2011

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a fine weekend. I have a drawing for you today. It’s from the series entitled ‘The Periphery’. That whole series is about the search for God amongst the outposts. It’s also about sound: strange, echoing, underwater sounds. Could I be more vague? Probably. This is charcoal on paper. That’s straight-forward at least. Have a good one everybody!


Breakfast in America, and…The Painting of the Day! (Wednesday edition) May 4, 2011

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Howdy! This is NOT a painting. It is a drawing. Charcoal and pastel on paper. It’s from a fairly long series entitled ‘The Periphery Drawings’. Mainly they’re about God. But they’re also about sound. Kind of underwater, clangy, metallic echoes in space sort of sound. There’s also a healthy dash of existential dread thrown in, just to be safe. This particular piece is an abstract vision of what Jonah saw from the inside of the whale’s mouth before he was swallowed. Appropriately titled ‘Jonah’.