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Hey Hey, My My, the ‘Painting of the Day’ will Never Die! (Wednesday edition) May 25, 2011

Rise and shine campers! On a personal note, my brother-in-law Josh Gore graduates with an Associates degree today from the Santa Fe Community College. My wife and I are so proud of him. He has come so far in such a short amount of time congrats bro! Anyhooo…here’s another grim Confidence Man painting. This one is from early on. The back story of the Confidence Man was becoming increasingly important. I was thinking about that relationship with his father quite a bit. The man standing with arms behind his back sporting the white beard is dear old dad. This is taking place during the CM’s childhood. It is a bastardization of the story of Isaac wherein the father asks his son to make a sacrifice. In this case it is the white horse that the Confidence Man loved so much (of course he is not the Confidence Man when he is a child, that moniker would emerge years later) that is on the chopping block.

Shoot the horse, he is told.


Because I asked you to.

But father…

Don’t you love me?

Of course.

Then you will do as I say.

That’s pretty much how I imagine this to have gone down in words. The white horse shows up throughout the series. He is both real and a ghost, a reminder of his fanatical love for a man who was undeserving of such devotion. But, we all want to please our father’s right? We can’t help it.

Have a great day everybody!