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Wednesday Starts the Weekend!! Hey Take a Look at the Painting (photo) of the Day! (Wednesday edition) July 6, 2011

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Greetings and salutations! Sorry I’ve been erratic with my posts the past week or so. Going from New Mexico to Texas is always kinda consuming, but there seems to have been a lot of stuff happening all at once lately (good stuff, just a lot). Anyway, I’ll do my best to get back on the horse. So today I have a photo for you. I don’t think I’m going to go into all the technical details of how I did it except to say that I did it at night and that the location is an arroyo. Other than that, I think it kinda looks like a cosmic, alien, weird football field. Perhaps from a world where humans are food. Or the footballs. Drop kick me Jesus…have great one everybody!!


Hey You! You Dropped Your ‘Painting of the Day’! (Friday edition) June 17, 2011

Happy Friday! Today I have another Confidence Man painting for you. It’s from the ‘Navigator’ part of the story and it’s definitely one of the weirdest CM paintings ever. In the top/center of the piece is the CM’s father, and he’s glowing. Well, burning actually. There is a time compression thing going on as well with multiple Confidence man scenes happening at the same time (he’s got a gun to his head-he’s passed out-two men are holding him up with an ax at the ready). Meanwhile, the Navigator is chasing little blue glowing balls that are floating up from his suitcase (these might be dreams, or memories). All of this takes place on top of slithering worm-like creatures (‘the worm dieth not’), I mean it is hell, after all. Have a great weekend!


Naked Ladies! Just Kidding…it’s the ‘Painting (photo) of the Day’! (Thursday edition) May 26, 2011

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Howdy folks. I have a photo for you today. This was taken at night here in New Mexico. It’s from a small series that I like quite a bit. Prints are available as well as autographed copies of my Memoir (“Too Country for Rock and Roll, Too Rock and Roll for Country: A Life on the Edge”) for a reasonable price. I’m also selling Frito pies online (can’t guarantee the quality, though). Have a good one! (I’m serious about the prints.)

Night of the Hunter pt. 1


Dance Your Face Off to the Slammin’ Beats of…The Painting of the Day (Friday Edition) May 20, 2011

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Good morning all! This is another painting from the Confidence Man series. A rather intense piece with a blue, moonlit cast. The man staring at you with the eternity symbol in his eye is the Navigator. The Confidence Man is torturing someone in the background; at this point in the series, he has assumed the role of thug. He is no longer really in charge, and he has given the reins to the mysterious Navigator. Dark days, indeed. Have a great Friday everybody!


Under the Moonlight, the Serious Moonlight, it’s…The Painting (photo) of the Day! (Friday edition) May 13, 2011

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Today, no painting. No drawing either. This is a photograph. It was taken last year out in West Texas, and I was going for the look of some kind of ritual. Those dashes around the can are my red shirt. There’s a flashlight and a tripod involved, this was taken after midnight. It annoys me to have to say this, but this is not a Photoshop intensive picture (Photoshop is your friend, not your enemy, by the way). It’s done the old-fashioned way (sort of). Yes, of course, it’s digital; I’m not a savage.

Have a great Friday everybody!